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Alta Via dei Parchi – 10. Lake Scaffaiolo – Monte Cavallo Mountain Hut

Alta via dei Parchi - Gli Itinerari - Parco del Corno alle Scale

Partenza: Lago Scaffaiolo (1754 m)

Arrivo: Rif. Monte Cavallo (1280 m)

Tempo di percorrenza: 5 ore

Dislivello: in salita 450 m – in discesa 920 m

Departure: Lake Scaffaiolo (1754 m)
Arrival: Monte Cavallo Mountain Hut (1280 m)
Duration: 5 hours
Height Difference: uphill 450 m – downhill 920 m

From Lake Scaffaiolo one hikes up to the nearby Tre Termini Pass and from there, while remaining at the same altitude, one reaches Strofinatoio Pass (1847 m), crossing the last glacial cirque to be met along the Alta Via. This is the orographic hub where, pointing north, the Corno alle Scale ridge begins. Descending to Cancellino Pass, and traversing the northern slopes of Mount Gennaio, one comes to the Uccelliera spring. Here one leaves the ridge trail (number 00, to bet met again in ten days’ journey) skirting along the Poggio delle Ignude, where the Porta Franca Refuge can be reached in a few minutes by making a detour. The Alta Via continues along an easy path that first crosses the upper valley of the river Causso, completely covered with woods, then meets the lovely glades of the Rombiciaio and of Pian dello Stellaio. From there an easy forest road leads to the wide wooded saddle of Tre Croci Pass, a few minutes’ walk from the Monte Cavallo Refuge.

For more information: http://ambiente.regione.emilia-romagna.it/parchi-natura2000/fruizione/altavia