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Ciclovie dei Parchi Cycling Routes – The Monteveglio Cycling Route

Ciclovia Dei Parchi - Gli Itinerari - Parco dell’Abbazia di Monteveglio

Partenza: Stazione FER di Bazzano

Tempo di percorrenza: 4 hours

Difficoltà: Intermediate

Dislivello: 380 m

Lunghezza: approx. 27 km, including the detour to Upper Monteveglio

A hilly route on paved roads with some climbs.

The Monteveglio Cycling Route starts in Bazzano, traveling on secondary roads until it reaches the park’s borders alongside the town of Monteveglio and then, after a brief but steep climb, the Monteveglio Abbey. The abbey is the heart of the protected area and truly merits a visit for its historically and architecturally significant features. Although it was restored between 1927 and 1931, involving some arbitrary refurbishment works, this Romanesque church still preserves the original structure and, with the imposing stature of its red-brick facades, its setting amid cypresses and its charming position at the end of a quiet lane, it is also a site of undisputable landscape value.

Once back down in the valley, continue on the trail, which initially follows the valley floor along the Ghiaia di Serravalle Stream and then climbs along the southern hillside of the protected area on paved roads with very little local traffic and in a charming country setting. The climb ends at an altitude of about 300 m, on the ridge separating the Paraviere Stream valley, which you have just cycled along, and the Marzatore Stream valley, from where you will begin to descend amid mixed broadleaf groves (oaks, hornbeams and maples) and small fields of cherry and walnut trees.

Once at Tagliolina proceed along the Marzatore Stream’s shaded valley floor, terminating the ring route a few kilometers from Bazzano.

For more information: http://ambiente.regione.emilia-romagna.it/parchi-natura2000/fruizione/ciclovie