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The Marzabotto National Etruscan Museum

The Pompeo Aria National Etruscan Museum illustrates the history of the Etruscan settlement at the Misano Plateau, the ancient Kainua, and it features a rich collection of artifacts that were found there.
The settlement, which was established in the second half of the 6th century BC as a modest village, developed over the following century to become a veritable city, with roads, houses, shops and kilns, as well as two necropolises. With the arrival of the Galli Boi tribe in the 4th century, the city was abandoned and never occupied again on a permanent basis, thus providing us today with an outstanding example of an Etruscan city with an extraordinarily well preserved urban layout. One can see the chest-shaped tombs in the necropolis and the foundations of the buildings. The strategic position of this large settlement is easily understood: it was located along the main route through the Apennines linking the ancient city of Felsina (Bologna) and the Padanian Etruria territories with Tyrrhenian Etruria.

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