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The Peace School

The Peace School Foundation of Monte Sole is located in the heart of the park, near the Visitor Center and the ruins of S. Martino.

The Foundation’s intensive efforts in education and training stem from a reflection on the historical events that occurred at Monte Sole during World War II and on the educational value of memorial sites in encouraging the development of critical thinking, with special regard to the present.

In fact, according to Regional Law 19/1989, by which the Monte Sole Historical Park was established, one of the park’s objectives is the promotion of “studies, research, discussions that, through a deeper understanding of the events and their more significant and less evident causes, help monitor the events occurring in the world today with rational and conscientious awareness in order to oppose even the slightest indication of the resurgence of a “system of death and extermination” while there’s still time and thereby offer the younger generations a veritable “school of peace” able to indicate new paths towards harmony, understanding and the “development of peoples”, based on the experiences from our past and on the values of liberty, human solidarity, social justice and dignity.”

The School was set up in 2002 through the coordinated efforts of a number of different stakeholders: the local institutions, including the park authority and the area’s municipalities, various associations active in international cooperation and responsible citizenship, scientific research institutes in the fields of history and education, the Land Hessen, a region in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The School continues to promote training and education on peace-oriented support, non-violent conflict resolution, the respect for human rights and the peaceful coexistence of different communities and cultures, for a society without xenophobia, racism or any other form of violence towards human beings and the environment.

The Peace School Foundation of Monte Sole
Via S. Martino 25 40043 Marzabotto BO – tel. +39 051.931 574
Coordinator: Elena Monicelli elenamonicelli@montesole.org

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