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Riva Mountains and Pratignano Lake

Gli Itinerari - Parco del Corno alle Scale

Poggiolforato - Pratignano Lake - Riva Pass - Dardagna Falls - Poggiolforato

Partenza: Poggiolforato

Arrivo: Poggiolforato

Tempo di percorrenza: 6h

Difficoltà: Hiking for Experts

Lunghezza: 11km

Ring itinerary that requires a whole day of walking, with sections exposed in the first part. The excursion, starting from the town of Poggiolforato, allows you to reach Lake Pratignano, a destination of high naturalistic and landscape interest in the neighboring Alto Appennino Bolognese Regional Park, and then continue along the ridge of the Riva mountains up to the pass of the same name which descends towards the Dardagna Falls. The ring closes again following the Dardagna stream for a long stretch up to the town of Poggiolforato.