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Mount Pizzo

Gli Itinerari - Parco del Corno alle Scale

Lizzano in Belvedere – Monte Pizzo – Bocca delle Tese – Budiara - Vidiciatico - Lizzano in Belvedere

Partenza: Lizzano in Belvedere

Tempo di percorrenza: 3h

Difficoltà: Intermediate

Lunghezza: 7km

It is a circular itinerary that takes place within the preparco area, crossing the mixed woods that line the slopes of Mount Pizzo; allows you to observe different aspects of the vegetation that characterizes the lower altitudes of the park, as well as various points of historical interest and pleasant panoramic views. From the town of Lizzano, climb through the old chestnut woods until you reach the summit of Mount Pizzo, with a last more challenging stretch, and the nearby Bocca delle Tese. An old forest track leads slowly downhill towards the Budiara meadows and from here along the path you reach the town of Vidiciatico. An asphalted road reserved for pedestrian traffic allows you to return to Lizzano.