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Mount La Nuda and Mount Corno alle Scale

Gli Itinerari - Parco del Corno alle Scale

Pian d'Ivo Visitors Center – La Nuda – Passo del Vallone – Corno alle Scale - Passo della Porticciola - Laghetto del Cavone - Cascate del Dardagna - Madonna dell'Acero - Centro Visita Pian d'Ivo

Partenza: Pian d'Ivo Visitors Center

Tempo di percorrenza: 5h 30'

Difficoltà: Difficult

Lunghezza: 9km

It is a long and challenging circular route, which allows you to reach the highest peaks of the Park along highly scenic stretches of the ridge but characterized by exposed stretches of path. The excursion passes through beech woods, high altitude meadows, rocky outcrops, wet valley floors and also allows you to observe glacial morphologies, botanical rarities and other aspects of great interest. From the Pian d’Ivo Visitor Center, a long climb through extensive reforestation of conifers and beech woods leads to the prairies that characterize the slopes of Mount La Nuda. Following the ridge you reach the Vallone Pass and from here the spectacular Balzi dell’Ora that allow you to reach Punta Sofia. Following the ridge overlooking the Valle dei Silenzi you reach the Porticciola Pass and from here the Cavone Lake. From Cavone a short path leads to the first jump of the Dardagna waterfalls and along a comfortable forest track you reach the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Acero and again the visitor center.