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The upper Silla Valley and Mount January

Gli Itinerari - Itinerari Faunistici - Parco del Corno alle Scale

Rifugio Segavecchia – Monti Grossi – Passo del Cancellino – Monte Gennaio – Valico Portafranca – Bocca del Lupo – Rifugio della Donna Morta - Acerolo - Rifugio Segavecchia

Partenza: Rifugio Segavecchia

Tempo di percorrenza: 6h

Difficoltà: Intermediate

Lunghezza: 10,5km

The excursion introduces to the central sector of the park, the wildest and least known. The itinerary takes up the whole day but does not present great difficulties, if we exclude a short stretch of more exposed path that goes around the slopes of Mount January. Along the way, interesting geological, botanical and even faunal observations are possible. From the Segavecchia Refuge you go up through the Grossi Mountains up to the Cancellino Pass; from here you walk along a stretch of ridge between grasslands and vaccine groves until you reach the slopes of Mount January to continue as far as the Porta Franca Pass. In the shelter of the beech woods, descend towards the Donna Morta Refuge and from here in a sharp descent you reach the Causso Stream near Pian della Zucca from which you go up to reach the forest track which, in a short time, takes you back to the Segavecchia Refuge.