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Monte Adone Loop

Gli Itinerari - Riserva Naturale Contrafforte Pliocenico

Partenza: Brento (463 m)

Arrivo: Monte Adone (654 m)

Tempo di percorrenza: 2.30 hours

Lunghezza: 5 km

The itinerary, which offers wide views and interesting natural and historical aspects, is the most direct way to reach the highest peak of the Pliocene Contrafforte (the climb is just over a kilometer and a half long); it has a fair difference in height (just under 200 m) but develops along a path that is not long and fairly easy, on easily recognizable paths and dirt roads. From the summit you can then close the path by descending along the ridge and cutting the northern side of the mountain. Near the summit and during the descent along the ridge, however, it is necessary to be careful in the most demanding and exposed sections.

The itinerary begins in Brento, which can be reached from the Reno valley, following via Badolo to the locality of the same name, where you leave the SP 58 to turn right into via Brento; after about 3 km you will find a crossroads and, taking via Monte Adone on the left, you will soon arrive in the town. You can park in via Castellazzo, which starts on the right just beyond the church of S. Ansano.

From Pianoro, on the other hand, follow the Savena valley floor towards Loiano and after a couple of kilometers you will find the signs for Brento on the right.