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Nature Trail – I calanchi di Monte Arligo

Gli Itinerari - Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa

Partenza: Via Poggio

Tempo di percorrenza: 40′

Difficoltà: Easy

Dislivello: 70 m

Lunghezza: 1,5 Km

The Sentiero di Ciagnano crosses a small portion of territory which summarizes the characteristics of most of the pedecolinary areas of these areas.
Cultivated until the middle of the last century, they have progressively re-naturalized following the abandonment of the countryside after World War II, while still retaining traces of their past history.
Along the way, by carefully observing the environment that surrounds us, it is possible to see traces of old cultivated fields, terraced areas, rows of trees which, re-naturalizing, have generated various ecosystems that are deeply interconnected with each other.
The differentiation of environments allows the development of a wider variety of species, both plant and animal.
The route, in a loop, starts from the small rest area along via Poggio and winds for about 1500 meters with a difference in height of about 70 meters.