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Suviana Lake

This reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water in the Emilian Apennines. It has an area of approximately 1.5 km², a maximum depth of 70 m and a capacity of 46 million cubic meters of water. The area’s geological structure had a considerable impact on the choice of this site: the widening of the valley along the impermeable claystone ensured that a large amount of water could be stored and, at the same time, the narrowing of the valley due to the presence of a belt of sandstone offered the stability conditions needed for the construction of the dam. For the most part, the shores of the lake are steep and their water levels fluctuate with the running of the hydroelectric station. Shoreline protection measures have been implemented and the shores are now lined with groves of black pines and firs. The lake is a very popular local tourist destination: there are picnic areas under the shade of the conifers and there is a small beach on its eastern shore with accommodation facilities that are open during the summer.