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Parco del Corno alle Scale

It is a Park developing along a mountain ridge. Its naturalistic importance is linked to the several geological and mineralogical features, to the presence of interesting flora and fauna, and to charming landscapes (for instance, the spectacular Dardagna Waterfalls or the waterfalls of the wild Orrido di Tanamalia).

Probably, the most interesting feature is represented by the fact that on the one side the geographical and orographic features have enabled the development of the characteristic environment of the Apennines (with its vegetational, floristic, and wildlife features), and on the other side the rather high altitudes of Corno alle Scale and the other nearby summits (La Nuda, Mt. Cornaccio, Mt. Gennaio) have enabled the maintenance of a characteristic alpine habitat.

Identity Card

Land Surface Area (ha): 4,974.49
Regions: Emilia Romagna
Provinces: Bologna
Municipalities: Lizzano in Belvedere
Establishment Measures: LR 11 2/04/1988
PA Official List: EUAP0180

Piano territoriale

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