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Mount Pizzo

Mount Pizzo is the final offshoot of the long ridgeline running north from the main ridge, at the Strofinatoio Pass, and including the Corno alle Scale, La Nuda, Mount Grande and Le Tese. There is a chairlift arrival station (no longer in operation) on this mountain, which was once known as Pizzo delle Tese but subsequently abbreviated.

At the top of the mountain there is a set of stairs, flanked by evergreens and beech trees, that leads to a small, stone oratory.

This recently restored chapel is dedicated to Saint Gualbert, patron of foresters. These small religious buildings are a treasured element that is commonly featured in Bolognese mountain architecture; other exquisite examples can be found in Vidiciatico, La Cà and in many other hamlets and small groups of dwellings located near the park’s boundary, such as Cà Gianinoni and Cà Berna (near Madonna dell’Acero).