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Protected Area 

The Territory

Five thousand hectares of Park for the highest summit of Appennino Bolognese, a massif of almost two thousand meters characterized by well-evident sandstone strata (from which the name “Scale” derives) like the silhouette of a book leaning against the beech forest. Corno alle Scale Park was established in 1988 (L.R. 11/88). The territory covers 4,974 hectares, out of which 2,545 are represented by adjacent areas (Pre-Park Area divided into: forests, agricultural area, ski slopes) and 2,429 for the remaining Park areas (Zone A: strict protection; Zone B: general protection; Zone C: environmental protection and rehabilitation with tourist purposes).

Bordering with Alto Appennino Modenese Park, Corno alle Scale Park offers wonderful mountain landscapes. Solitary valleys, small towns emerging from the forests, sanctuaries and waterfalls are arranged like a fan at the foot of the mountain. The broadleaf forest, above all beech forests, covers most of the area and surrounds the solitary course of streams with crystal-like waters. Glacial cirques and mountain grasslands are the habitats of precious botanical species, the last outpost of the Alps, and of a rich and interesting fauna.