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History and Culture

The history of these places, fascinating and mysterious at the same time, is rich and characterized by captivating and significant aspects. This territory, including the whole area surrounding Corno alle Scale, has been settled by man since the Neolithic Age, as it is demonstrated by the several objects and documents found. The mysterious inscriptions on the rock and the microliths dating back to the Iron and Bronze Ages are only some evidences.

The territory is rich not only in historical-architectural features, but also in minor aspects, like some ancient traditions which have partly survived till present days: the stone heads on the walls of the houses, with a good wishes purpose and locally called “mummies”, the most important religious buildings (Madonna dell’Acero Sanctuary, San Rocco Oratory, Delubro di Lizzano), the production buildings (rural houses and mills, like for instance the Mill of Capo di Poggiolforato), and the civil buildings (ancient villages), are only some examples of how men have left a lasting sign of their passage.

Madonna dell’Acero Sanctuary, one of the most famous sanctuaries of Appennino bolognese, is one of the greatest expressions of popular religiosity animating these mountains in the past. The sacred building is situated at the edge of a large grassy plateau facing Dardagna Valley.