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Rio Acquafredda Resurgence and Blind Valley

Resurgence of the Rio Acquafredda
From the left bank of the Savena, to the Ponticella, the steep chalky outcrops that descend towards the watercourse are clearly evident, at the point where the river came to light after a long underground journey. Originally the spring had a splendid entrance crowned by candle grooves, which was then completely destroyed by the activities of a quarry. The toponym Siberia recalls the particularly cool microclimate of the area.

Acquafredda Blind Valley 
Among extensive meadows and crops alternating with patches of shrubs, a thin band of hygrophilous vegetation stands out, marking the course of the Acquafredda stream.
The valley is closed by a raised wall, along which the powerful chalky stratifications are evident; from here begins the complex Acquafredda-Spipola underground system.
In the woods surrounding the sinkhole, rare species such as Cervina tongue and snowdrops grow.