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Poggiolo-San Martino-Caprara-Casaglia-Poggiolo

Gli Itinerari - Parco Storico di Monte Sole

Partenza: “Il Poggiolo” Visitor Center

Tempo di percorrenza: 1h 30' (3h with guided tour)

Difficoltà: Touristic

Lunghezza: 5km

The itinerary starts at an altitude of 410 m from Poggiolo, a structure which has been officially opened on the occasion of the massacre’s 50th anniversary, where the Visitor Center of the Parco Storico di Monte Sole and the didactic hall are located.

From the center, take the dirt road towards the School of Peace, located near the remains of the town and the cemetery of San Martino, of which the ruins of the church and the houses of the nucleus are still visible. After the destruction of the war, only the perimeter of the church was visible; today, thanks to a recovery project carried out by the Park, it is also possible to observe a stone staircase, the perimeter walls of some houses and the remains of an “ice house”.

Returning to the crossroads, continue straight towards Casaglia along the paved road that allows you to enjoy remarkable panoramic views, to reach, after about 15 ‘walking, the ruins of Caprara di Sopra, home to an ancient village. On the right, below the road is Caprara di Sotto, which was the seat of the Municipality of Caprara sopra Panico until 1882.

The road now runs along the southern slope of Monte Sole, slightly downhill to the bend of the Rio Rovinacci and the counter-bend of the Poggio from which in a few minutes you can reach the remains of the Church of Casaglia and, just beyond the cemetery of the same name. Today in the Casaglia Cemetery rest the bodies of Don Giuseppe Dossetti, whose community settled in 1984 in the monastery of the Little Family of the Annunziata, and of Monsignor Luciano Gherardi.

From the cemetery you return to the visitor center following the same path.

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Poggiolo – San Martino – Caprara – Casaglia – Poggiolo

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