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Nature Trail – I calanchi di Sant’Andrea

Gli Itinerari - Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa

Partenza: Sant'Andrea

Tempo di percorrenza: 1,5 hours

Difficoltà: Intermediate

Dislivello: 200 m

Lunghezza: 2,5 km

The itinerary, following the CAI 801A signpost, starts from the village of S.Andrea, an ancient medieval nucleus reachable by car or on foot from the town of Ozzano following the homonymous driveway, skirting the historic park of Villa Massei along the road dirt road that gradually degrades until it becomes a pedestrian path.

The path goes through old abandoned cultivations repopulated by rich shrub vegetation until it reaches the bottom of the Centonara river valley, at the base of the imposing formation of the Abbadessa gullies.

After passing the river, thanks to a small ford in masonry, the path goes up to the hydrographic right, staying at the base of the gully amphitheater, up to a crossroads where, turning right, it climbs up the steep clayey ridge covered by the typical gorse vegetation: brooms , on, juniper.

Going up in altitude it is possible to admire the entire gully basin whose landscape is in continuous and constant evolution. Continuing along the ridge, you will soon reach a mixed wood of downy oaks, field maples and ash trees, which mark the entrance to the path in the Foiano farm land. From here, once you reach the main house, continue downhill on the via Tolara municipal road (towards Ozzano) for about 600 meters until you reach the ruins of the ancient Pieve di Pastino. Leaving the road, you pass a conspicuous red bar and continue along the cavedagna following the CAI 801B trail that descends between the old cultivated fields and wooded areas to the bottom of the Centonara stream, reconnecting to the outward itinerary.

The route can be particularly muddy after recent rains and during the winter period.