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The reptiles that are easier to spot include the green whip snake, the Aesculapian snake and the smooth snake, which feeds on lizards and slowworms.

Various reptile species inhabit stream banks and the humid undergrowth of the north facing mountains, including the grass snake (a harmless snake that may also be found far from water), various lizard species (common wall lizard, Italian wall lizard), the European green lizard (a lizard with a typical bright green coloring that inhabits bushy glades and uncultivated fields), the Italian three-toed skink (a lizard with tiny limbs and an elongated body resembling a snake that will quickly dart for cover in the grass at the first sign of danger), the slowworm (not as quick as the skink and completely legless, it is not easy to spot despite it populating farmland or other areas near man).

The Ramato Stream's humid valley floor, the pond in the educational area and the artificial water collection pools are the preferred habitats of the common toad, the agile frog and two urodeles, the northern crested newt and the smooth newt, which spend their adult lives in water only during the breeding season, when they display intense iridescent hues and nuptial coloration along their membranous crests.

(photo by PR Abbazia di Monteveglio)
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