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Amphibians and reptiles

The most common amphibian species in the park are the European toad, which lives virtually everywhere, the green frog, the northern crested newt and the smooth newt, which generally live in stagnant waters.

The beech forests and grasslands are inhabited by the common frog, or European grass frog, a species that in Italy is only found in the Alps and along the ridge of the Tuscan-Emilia Romagna Apennines.

The cave salamander is commonly found in the park's beech woods. As it only breathes through its skin, it lives in cool and humid environments, such as crevices or holes in the ground and caves. Even the fire salamander, which inhabits the beech forests along streams and brooks, spends most of the year hidden underground.

The park's reptiles include the ubiquitous common wall lizard and the western green lizard, which, unlike the wall lizard, is not found at higher altitudes. Of the park's snakes, the most famous and feared is the Eurasian viper, although it is not easy to come across. Instead, it is much more common to encounter completely harmless snakes, such as the whip snake or the grass snake.

(photo by Archivio Ente Parchi e la Biodiversità - Emilia Orientale)
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