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The Antognola Formation

Sandstone outcrops almost identical to the Loiano Sandstones can be found at slightly higher altitudes along the slope leading down to the Setta Valley and they are known as the Anconella Sandstones. Their sedimentation took place during the Oligocene, when high density currents transported sand grains produced by the erosion of the preexisting Loiano Sandstones: this process, referred to as "cannibalistic", explains the considerable similarity between the two units.

These sandstones are associated with marls, which also outcrop along the slopes on the left side of the Setta Valley, and together they constitute the Antognola Formation.

The light brown, silica-rick marls found at the foot of the slopes of Mounts Sole and Santa Barbara can be easily recognized because of their remarkable hardness and splintery fractures.

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