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The contiguity of exposed slopes and more sheltered areas within the sinkholes favors a considerable diversification of bird species also present in limited areas. Near the Spipola, for example, it is possible to observe at a very short distance species that rarely coexist in the same environment, such as the wren, which prefers bushy and wooded areas on fresh and humid soils, and the octopus, which instead frequents those in prevalence made up of thermophilic essences.

Overall, the most characteristic species are precisely those related to bushy environments and transition between wood and cultivated areas: to be noted, for their particular abundance, weeds, turtledove, nightjar, shriek, screech, quail and skylark.

The presence of species typical of the woods with mature trees (green woodpecker, creeper, nuthatch and various tits) is limited, however, to the parks of the villas and the wooded strips along Zena and Idice.

Other species of significant interest are the scops owl (known locally as chiù), a small, fairly rare nocturnal bird of prey, present only in the summer period, the buzzard, nesting and regularly present all year round, and, along the streams, the kingfisher.

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